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AXIS T8351 Microphone 3.5 mm Axis T8120 15W Midspan 1-Port (5026-204) AXIS T94A01D Pendant Kit (5502-431)
The semi-outdoor, AXIS T8351 Microphone 3.5 mm is compatible with all Axis products supporting a 3.5 mm jack for microphone input. Easy to install with various mounting accessories. It handles sensitivity of -40 dB, sound pressures of up to 120 dB and high Signal to Noise Ratio of 64 dB.
802.3af compliant power injector for standard Cat 5 network cables. Aluminum pendant kit for mounting the camera on 1.5 inch NPT or NPS threaded brackets.
AXIS T8133 Midspan 30 W 1-port (5900-294) AXIS T95A64 Corner Bracket (5010-641) Axis T91A64 Bracket Corner (5017-641)
Single port PoE midspan 30 W
Requires AXIS T95A61 Wall bracket.
Corner Bracket for mounting AXIS T91A61 Wall Bracket on an external corner.
AXIS T91B63 Ceiling Mount (5504-641) AXIS T94R01P Conduit Back Box (5505-141) AXIS T91E61 Wall Mount (5506-481)
Aluminum ceiling mount including AXIS T94A01D Pendant Kit (only used in combination with PTZ cameras) and AXIS T91A6 Pipe Seal.
AXIS T94R01P Conduit Back Box (5505-141) Aluminum wall mount with 1.5″ NPS thread for Axis fixed dome pendant kits.
AXIS T8129 PoE Extender (5025-281) Axis T8134 60 W Midspan (5900-334) AXIS T8061 Ethernet Surge Protector (5801-641)
Ethernet has a limited cable length between the switch and the camera of 100m (328 ft.). Single port High PoE midspan 60 W AXIS T8061 Ethernet Surge Protector is a high-quality surge protection device. It shields your indoor Ethernet networks from lightning-caused surges coming through the Ethernet cable.
AXIS T94B02D Pendant Kit (5507-361) AXIS T94B02L Recessed Mount (5507-391) AXIS T94B01P Conduit Back Box (5507-401)
Pendant kit to enable use of Axis mounting products featuring a 1.5" NPS thread. 3/4" pipes can also be used, but then a nut for the pipe thread is required. Indoor recessed mount for drop ceiling installations. The aluminum casing makes it suitable for use in air handling spaces. Conduit back box for 1/2" or M20 pipes. Features the 1/2" ACI interface to enable use of ACI adapters. There is an integrated female tripod thread for use of standard camera stands or holders.
AXIS T93C10 Outdoor Housing (5507-681) AXIS AXIS T91H61 Wall Mount (5507-641) AXIS T94R01B Corner Bracket (5507-601)
  • Active cooling and heating
  • Protection against impact, water, dust, UV and corrosion
  • Included wall mount
  • Optimized for Axis network cameras using EF/EF-S lenses
  • Room for devices, midspans and service loop
  • Protection against impacts, rain, dust and corrosion
  • Built-in RJ45 cable with connector
  • For outdoors and indoors – corners
  • Flexibility – covers many different camera types
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Sturdy and safe
AXIS T94F01D Pendant Kit (5503-881) AXIS T92E05 Protective Housing (0344-001) AXIS T8311 Joystick (5020-101)
Pendant kit for mounting the camera on 1.5" NPS threaded brackets. Includes Network Cable Coupler Indoor. For indoor use. AXIS T92E05 Protective Housing is stripped down from the electronics components, maintaining the protection rating to defend the network camera in those environments where temperature management is not a demand, e.g. in subways or shopping malls. Professional joystick for accurate PTZ control.
AXIS T91B62 Parapet Mount (5504-631) AXIS T91B53 Telescopic Ceiling Mount Set of 2 (01189-001) AXIS T91G61 Wall Mount (5506-951)
Aluminum parapet mount including AXIS T94A01D Pendant Kit (only used in combination with PTZ cameras) and AXIS T91A6 Pipe Seal.
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Perfect for retail and commercial environment
  • Extendable between 1 to 1.8 m (3.2 to 6 ft)
  • Room for connectivity devices, midspans and service loop
  • Protection against impacts, water, dust and corrosion
  • Pre-mounted Ethernet cable with IP66 RJ45 connector
AXIS T8008 PS24 (5801-701) AXIS Dome Microphone A  (01575-001) AXIS T8154 60 W SFP Midspan (5901-004)
AXIS T8008 PS24 (5801-701)
Our Price: $344.00
Output: 24 V @ Max 10.4 A
Input: Voltage: 90 - 264 V AC (operating)
115 - 230 V AC (nominal)
47 - 63 Hz
An ultra-low-noise microphone with an SNR of 80 dBA. It is designed to be mounted inside the dome of AXIS Q35 Series (-V and -LV) to enable sound capture.
For network or fiber installations
  • SFP slot for fiber
  • Integrated midspan
  • High PoE 60 W
  • Support for all Axis network products
AXIS Camera Heater Power Supply AXIS T91B57 Pole Mount
AXIS T91B57 Pole Mount
Our Price: $116.00
Extra power to AXIS Q6010-E or AXIS Q6100-E Camera
  • For sturdy installations on poles
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Impact-resistant to prevent vandalism (IK10)
  • Cable gasket to prevent insect infestation