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GeoVision GV-Video Wall
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The GV-Dispatch Server is a computer with Dispatch software that works with GV-Center V2 servers and the GV-Systems. The GV-Dispatch Server connects 25,000 GV-Systems to 50 GV-Center V2 Pro servers and distributes the workload between online and offline GV-Center V2 servers. It utilizes load-balancing technique that distributes requests from event-triggered GV-Systems evenly across a GV-Center V2 network.

With GV-Control Center, you can remotely configure and manage up to 200 Video Walls, each with a different layout. A video wall is an establishment of multiple monitors on a server, which is a PC installed with multiple graphic cards. Depending on the incoming IP sources, you can display actual-size images on the Video Wall.

The GV-VSM is event-alert text messages service recommended for a large cluster of networked GV-Systems where an enormous amount of maintenance service is required. When any online GV-System is event-triggered, instant text messages will be sent to GV-VSM for IT operator to proceed with maintenance on the GV-System cluster.